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First Edition

Australian Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Guideline For Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

This clinical practice guideline is for the identification, diagnosis, and treatment of people with ADHD.

It outlines a roadmap for ADHD clinical practice, research and policy, now and in the future, with a focus on everyday functioning and quality of life for people who are living with ADHD and those who support them.

Download the ADHD Guideline Consumer Companion

The complex language and technical nature of the Australian Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Guideline for ADHD may present challenges for those without a clinical background to understand fully.

To address this, a Consumer Companion was developed to make the information in the Guideline more accessible for individuals with ADHD, their families, and other stakeholders.

Guideline Factsheets

Download free factsheets for clinicians and individuals with lived experience of ADHD


Educational Adjustments For Students With ADHD

Students with ADHD can benefit from educational adjustments to ensure their needs are met…
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ADHD Factsheet For Educators

It is important for educators to be aware of ADHD, including how to recognise potential…
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ADHD Diagnosis Checklist

This ADHD diagnosis checklist is designed to aid in the diagnostic process to ensure…
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ADHD Guideline Factsheet - ADHD Myths And Misinformation

ADHD Myths & Misinformation

There are many myths about ADHD in the community which can create stigma and…
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ADHD Factsheet for GPs

More than 1 million Australians have ADHD. If left untreated, ADHD can result in…
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ADHD and co-occurring substance use disorder

People with ADHD are 50% more likely to develop a drug or alcohol use…
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ADHD in the correctional system

The prevalence of ADHD is much higher in people in the correctional system than…
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ADHD & Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Peoples

Download this free factsheet on the identification, diagnosis and treatment of ADHD in Aboriginal…
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This guideline has been approved by the NHMRC and endorsed by APS, RACP, RACGP, Speech Pathology Australia, Occupational Therapy Australia, ACPA, AAPI, ADHD WA, ADHD Foundation, RANZCP, ADHD Australia and the World Federation of ADHD.