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Guideline Factsheets

ADHD Factsheet for GPs

ADHD Guideline Factsheet for GPs

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More than 1 million Australians have ADHD. If left untreated, ADHD can result in significant lifelong functional impairments with poor long-term outcomes.

ADHD & Co-Occurring Substance Use Disorder

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People with ADHD are 50% more likely to develop a drug or alcohol use disorder than individuals without ADHD. Download this free factsheet now.
ADHD in the correctional system -Factsheet

ADHD in the correctional system

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The prevalence of ADHD is much higher in people in the correctional system than in the general population. Download this free factsheet now.

ADHD & Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Peoples

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Download this free factsheet on the identification, diagnosis and treatment of ADHD in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.
How is ADHD Treated Facesheet - AADPA

How Is ADHD Treated

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Download this free factsheet covering a number of treatment options that improve the core symptoms of ADHD and improve functioning and well-being.
ADHD Clinician Workflow factsheet-min

Guideline Treatment Overview For Clinicians

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Recommendations for multimodal treatments, non-pharmacological and pharmacological interventions and decision-making treatment flowcharts for clinicians.
ADHD Guideline Infographic-min

ADHD Guideline Infographic

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Download the ADHD Guideline infographic with key information about ADHD in Australia and about the Guideline.