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Section 5

Pharmacological interventions

5.1 Starting and managing pharmacological interventions

While there are universal principles for starting, adjusting and discontinuing pharmacological treatments, guidance specific to people with ADHD is needed.

5.2 Medication choice

Understanding the evidence regarding the effectiveness and the choice of medications and likely situations where caution might need to be exercised are important considerations for clinicians in the comprehensive treatment and support of people with ADHD.

5.3 Monitoring treatments

While an individual, person-centred approach is needed when prescribing and monitoring medication, consistent parameters are needed.

5.4 Adherence to medication treatment

Adherence to pharmacological treatments that are effective will result in symptom reduction and improvement in functioning and participation.

5.5 Medication review and discontinuation

There are inconsistencies in practice with respect to the consideration and management of medication discontinuation. The effects of withdrawing treatment need to be considered for the person with ADHD and their families and carers.